Creativity is a way for sick children to escape from reality and live in a world without sickness.


Make it up!
We are a student-run organization on a mission to help chronically ill children creatively express themselves.

Research has shown the benefits of art in the healing environment to reduce stress and promote faster recovery. We hope, by engaging these chronically children in arts and creativity, this will help them escape from the challenging reality and live in a world without sickness.

We want the children to “make it up” for their own personal positive hope and dreams.  Make It Up is a free, online, one-on-one program where animators connect with sick children and their parents to develop a short story of their recovery journey. The animators guide these children through characters, and storyline development, then produce the animation as they continue to collaborate with the children throughout the creative process.


fundraise for
BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

We are a group of student animators who are looking for creative ways to give back to the community. We are launching a fundraiser through a series of animations based on true stories of BC Children’s Hospital patients suffering from Leukemia, Congenital Heart Defect, and Scoliosis. It is important to let more people be informed about the courageous fight these kids experience throughout the illnesses. 


Fundraising for Surgical Telescope – $10,000

There is currently a funding need for a critical piece of medical equipment, surgical telescope. A surgical telescope provides surgeons with exceptional magnified visualization and views of the surgical site at a range of angles. It also allows clinicians to perform minimally invasive surgeries, so children experience less pain and minimal scarring. Ultimately, this could mean a child recovers more quickly and goes home sooner.

how it all began

“It all began with an unforgettable volunteer experience.”  ~ Raphael Chong

“So have you ever seen the eyes of passion in a child? I have. When they are driven by something that they REALLY, really enjoy, they are truly unstoppable. Years of volunteering with young children has demonstrated that with me. Whether that being with teaching young children at the church, or one-on-one tutoring children, the fact that every single one of them can be creative in the strangest ways really demonstrates the potential of a young child. No matter who they are, it’s our job to get them to realize that, no matter what.” 

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