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Good health is essential to a good life. That’s why we’re determined to keep you and your family healthy. Your donations help. With your generous support, we’re able to fund more best-in-class facilities, more life-changing medical equipment and attract and retain highly-skilled and dedicated doctors, nurses and specialists.

With the support of donors like you, we are united in our drive to provide Surrey with the highest quality health care possible.

Your donation today will help bring much-needed cardiac services, emergency services and more, to Surrey. Your generosity is an investment in the health care growth that our city deserves.


A group of influencers who want to make a difference in our community.

We have been working with influencers to create fundraising campaigns that highlight their community leadership and leverage their influence to make a difference.

The goal is to raise awareness of the fundraising campaign, mobilize supporters and create meaningful connection between the influencers, Surrey Memorial Hospital and the general public.

Through their huge network of dedicated followers, we hope to amplify the reach of our messaging to a wider audience than traditional fundraising campaigns.



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